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Project Management

We can collaborate in the development of new greenhouse projects or help create new solutions for your existing project.

Review, Advice & training

In collaboration with growers from the Netherlands we can give advice on improving the efficiency of your horticultural company.

Import / Export Asia

If you are looking for import / export opportunities in Asian markets, we can help you explore the market and find your suitable partners.

We are GreenSquare International.

Peter Bakker

Active as a greenhouse specialist since 1997, with a large experience in International business, R&D and Management.

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Takeshi Gotoh

With over 45 years living abroad, Takeshi has a lifetime of experience in creating inter-cultural connections. He serves as an advisor in bussiness relations and helps bridging cultural differences.

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Remko Bakelaar

Remko has worked in the greenhouse branche for over 15 years. He has served as an advisor on many large- and medium-scale projects both in the Netherlands and internationally. Expertise on all fields.

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Kai Gotoh

Kai promotes horticultural developments to the Japanese market and manages information exchange between companies.

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